Green Johanna – customer review

“I recently ordered a Green Johanna after hearing about how good they are on a Permaculture course. The product came from Great Green Systems Limited. I was totally and pleasantly surprised by the speed at which the order was processed and delivered after my initial order, as I received it in a matter of days. […]

5 Ways to Reduce your Plastic Household Waste

So you may not have a 3D printer (see previous blog) to produce art pieces from plastic bottles but there are certainly other amusing and fun ways to reduce and recycle your plastic household waste. Here are 5 ways you could recycle plastic bottles at home Lightshades – made from bottle ends and combining these […]

Print a Cleaner World with 3D Printing

3D technology has quickly developed in the last decade which is great news for us. Did you know that 3D printers can help us reduce our household waste and the sickening amount of plastic rubbish that is strewn across our earth? 3D printers and 3D re-printers are being designed to specifically recycle plastic bottles and […]

A Valuable Heap of Feathers

Britain has a long relationship with farming and keeping poultry. Did you ever wonder what happens to the waste by-product of poultry farming? That is to say, what happens to all the fluffy feathers? With eight billion chickens farmed and processed the waste product of feathers amounts to about 2 billion feathers or more. The […]

Get ready for Recycle Week now

Get ready for Recycle Week now! A Week to Remember! Please take a note of the following dates: 12th-18th September 2016. Why do we say that? Well, yes, the kids do go back to school in September but something else important is happening! It is the official Recycle Week 2016. With each year more emphasis […]

Looking after your Green Johanna

Looking after your Green Johanna It is not just you that is feeling the heat this month!  After having bad weather for a few months, it feels like Johanna has not long taken off her winter jacket and this week, she almost requested a pair of shades! For as much as the British weather keeps […]

Gardening the Groans away

Gardening the Groans away All of us, at some point in our life, are expected to have to deal with a bout of depression, illness or trauma. Numerous studies have found however that nature, most likely found in our immediate surroundings such as the garden, can have tremendous positive effects on our thinking, well-being and […]

Black Soldier Flies Helping to Fight the War on Waste

Black Soldier Flies Helping to Fight the War on Waste Far from being considered as a nuisance or pest these flies and their larvae are proving to be very helpful in turning waste into food. They are essential to helping breaking down organic substrates and recycling nutrients back into the ground. The larvae make excellent […]

Reduce your Household Waste and grow Strawberries

Secret to a Stunning Strawberry Crop! One of the keys to growing good strawberries is in the preparation and good soil. The soil should be dug over and weeds removed. Compost and manure should be added. The strawberry plant can then be placed in rows with the crown at soil level, and watered well. Later […]

Red Hot Strawberries!

Red Hot Strawberries! Strawberries have been hotter than the weather this month! With Andy Murray winning Wimbledon for the second time many were celebrating in true style; strawberries and champagne! Strawberries also hit the headlines since Britain left the EU last week but that is another story! The fact remains that our demand for strawberries […]