Singing in the Rain

Although we get a little down with warm wet summers, there is something in every garden that just loves this weather. It thrives in the warm moisture and has the upper hand of even the most proficient gardener. What are we talking about? Yes you guessed it – weeds! If you are not careful the […]

‘Tea Time’ Confusion

When Brits say ‘are you coming for tea?’ Foreign friends are often confused about what this invitation actually means. Is it literally for a cup of tea, or is it a meal? What time do they actually mean, 3 0’clock or after 6 O’clock? It is so confusing. There are even internet forums trying to […]

Did Coffee or Tea come First?

The British are renowned for their love of tea. According to the Telegraph each Brit drinks an average of 876 cups of tea every year. It feels like tea is intrinsically linked to every aspect of our culture. Yet when did tea really become part of our culture? Was it really tea that touched our […]

Swap Mushrooms for Coffee?

Recycling your coffee We are not really suggesting you have to swap coffee for mushrooms…but what if you could enjoy both? (Not necessarily at the same time!) When recycling your coffee grounds you are making the perfect compost for mushroom growing. How amazing is that? A company was started, called “Back to Roots”, thanks to […]

Green Cone – Customer testimonial

“After browsing through the very clear and concise website of Great Green Systems I decided to order a Green Cone as I already own a compost tumbler and I wanted to be able to reduce more food waste. I was very impressed that the Green Cone would be able to recycle all our kitchen food […]

A Recycled Bridal Breakfast

A wedding day is a time for celebration! Many months are often spent preparing for the event; getting the right dress, flowers, invites and venue etc. One of the most important things a couple likes to get right for their guests (after the seating plan!) is the food at the Wedding Breakfast they will enjoy. […]

Clean Your Rubbish!

Is that even possible? Surely, it is rubbish in the first place because we threw it out of our clean house for the dirty and smelly tip? Not exactly, we are talking about cleaning household waste that is heading for recycling. For example, cleaning the bin usually provided by the local council to collect your […]

A Crave for Leftovers

At some point in our lives, we have all eaten the leftover piece of pizza the next morning.  Admit it, the curry leftovers even tasted better the next day too. It could sound like just a humorous topic, but leftovers and what we do with our food is serious. If we can be more mindful […]

The Luck of the Draw ‘er

‘Luck of the draw’ is an old English idiom for something one has no control over. You cannot contrive the result if it is truly random. Interestingly all these words can also be associated with a different kind of drawer. It’s that drawer, often in the kitchen or dining dresser that accumulates things, literally all […]

As Mad as a March Hare

Our first love for the March Hare and its beguiling character was probably brought to life with the help of the much loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. The March Hare certainly is a phrase that has been used often in the English language to describe wild or excitable traits in a […]