Woody Allen coming to a garden near you this Spring?

Well OK, not exactly Woody Allen but his character Z from the movie Antz is just one of many little visitors to your garden this spring. Who would have thought a storyline about an army of ants could become a film sensation? And yet that’s exactly what happened in 1998 when DreamWorks Animation created Antz. […]

Spring Clean, Spring Garden, Spring Recycling

After a long cold winter of garden inactivity spring has just arrived at the garden gate. This is the time of year for springing into action. Mother Nature sends all the signs with snowdrops and daffodils that the garden is in need of green fingers again. From now on through to the Sumer and beyond […]

Start Your Overweight Bin on a Recycling Diet

After the Christmas feast and into the New Year followed by discount puddings and hearty winter food, many are thinking about their waist line. If you want to diet there is no shortage of ‘new’ diet plans. Sadly this is also the time of year when enormous amounts of food are wasted. This means your […]

How do Food Waste Eaters Work?

Food waste eaters basically natural micro-organisms break down your house hold and garden waste when you recycle them in either the Green Johanna or the Green Cone. The unique design of the Green Cone and Green Johanna food waste eaters are that they have a great ventilation system allowing them to work fast and without […]

The Reward of Compost Home Made

Not only do people find it satisfying that they can play their role in reducing humanity’s carbon footprint but there is nothing more rewarding for gardeners to use their own compost in their garden. Another bonus is that it’s free! The Green Johanna has the capacity of reaching higher temperatures than your traditional home composting […]

The Best Solution for your Food Household Waste

It’s commonly believed that an average of 30% of all our household waste is food waste. If you haven’t thought about recycling your food waste already then why not start now. The Green Cone is a genius solution and if installed properly there is no fear of attracting vermin. When purchased it also comes with […]

Recycle Household Waste the Easy Way

Except for those of you out there who are green recycling Goddesses, most people would admit they could find more ways to improve their home waste and recycling habits. We all start with good intentions but unless it’s made easy for us we don’t always remember or take the time to do it properly. Our […]