Clean Your Rubbish!

Is that even possible? Surely, it is rubbish in the first place because we threw it out of our clean house for the dirty and smelly tip? Not exactly, we are talking about cleaning household waste that is heading for recycling. For example, cleaning the bin usually provided by the local council to collect your […]

A Crave for Leftovers

At some point in our lives, we have all eaten the leftover piece of pizza the next morning.  Admit it, the curry leftovers even tasted better the next day too. It could sound like just a humorous topic, but leftovers and what we do with our food is serious. If we can be more mindful […]

The Luck of the Draw ‘er

‘Luck of the draw’ is an old English idiom for something one has no control over. You cannot contrive the result if it is truly random. Interestingly all these words can also be associated with a different kind of drawer. It’s that drawer, often in the kitchen or dining dresser that accumulates things, literally all […]

As Mad as a March Hare

Our first love for the March Hare and its beguiling character was probably brought to life with the help of the much loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. The March Hare certainly is a phrase that has been used often in the English language to describe wild or excitable traits in a […]

A Masterclass in Gourmet Food Waste

The growing food waste is inspiring chefs around the UK to start thinking about the produce they use and more importantly the food that is not getting used and discarded.  A third of the food grown never makes it to our kitchen table and one of the reasons is because of our food regulations and […]

How to reduce our household waste when the snow comes

March – Time for Snow? What can be done this month to help reduce our household waste when the snow comes? Firstly we can always throw our heating bills in the food digester, after we have paid them, of course! The snow might mean we have been confined to the indoors more than usual which […]

Recycle your Household Waste

Lettuce begin in the Garden! The rain seems to be easing off and even the sun is trying to peak through the clouds. Thank goodness we can get the gardening boots on and get back into the garden. It’s a good time to clear and recycle any dead winter foliage and get ready to plant […]

Grow an Edible Garden

The old year is out and the new one is still taking off along with people’s new goals and life changes for the New Year.  So whilst we are talking about new goals, have you ever considered growing an edible garden?  An edible garden could be in the form of pots on the balcony, pots […]

Is eating a BLT out of the question?

Eating lettuce is over three times worse in causing greenhouse emissions than eating bacon so claims one recent study. For those who love a bacon butty this could be great news, for those of you who are vegetarians this may not be the best news you have heard this week. For those of you who […]

Is being a Grandparent turning you Green?

A greener world has always been close to the heart of the Prince of Wales, so it comes as no surprise that on receiving the news about becoming a grandparent he was already thinking how environmental issues would affect his grandchildren and how he could make a difference. As a grandparent this could be a […]