A Rubbish Day Out…

If you have never visited a landfill (not many school trips and tour buses head that way) maybe you are a little intrigued with how our house hold waste is disposed. It may not sound very technical, a big hole in the ground, throw the rubbish in and cover over. Yet the process of burying […]

A Wheelie bad idea?

The famous green wheelie bin has been yet again the focus of newspaper reports. One example was an article in the BBC news about Cardiff Council sending out large green wheelie bins to encourage the residents in the area to recycle garden and food waste recycling. A staggering £1.6 million being spent in the process. […]

A Fishy Tale for Compost Lovers

Fish is not the first thing one tends to think about when collecting household waste and food waste recycling. The idea makes us think that it will stink to such a degree, whilst it continues to decompose, that it is simply not worth it. However, to recycle fish for compost has been very popular in […]

Tomato Food Waste Recycling can get you into a Fight…

That’s if you live in a small Spanish town called Bunol. Unless you really like the sound of a Tomato throwing festival called La Tomatina, hopefully we are a safe ‘tomatoes throw’ away from this village. Apparently, there are at least 40,000 people who like to throw tomatoes at each other. As a result they […]

The Humble Crumble

It has to be said that for a hearty classic British desert, the apple crumble is a favourite.  It is believed that the first recorded apple pie recipe was written in 1318! Well there are plenty of apples at this time of the year.  There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own apples , […]

Recycle Vegetables into Tasty Juice

If vegetables are not top of your favourite foods then at first glance this might sound very unappealing.  Most of us would agree that vegetables, plants and fruit contain the very nutrients we desperately lack in the modern world of processed food.  Getting young children to eat vegetables also proves to be a tricky task. […]

The Heat is On!

No we are not talking about the Wimbledon finals…we are actually talking about the British weather! Yes a heat wave has arrived and we love it! When the summer finally comes there is nothing more the British love to do than to try out their barbequing skills. We won’t comment on the quality but can […]

Enjoy a Green Summer

No, we do not mean that we will have a green summer due to the continual fall of rain. The sun is truly here. We can however have a green summer whilst enjoying the glorious weather –how? There are many great green ideas for recreation during the summer to be had by a quick search […]

Anyone want FREE Champagne?

Nothing can be more invigorating than feeling the release of pressure when a cork bursts forth from a champagne bottle. Especially one you have made yourself! If you start collecting the elderflower now that is rife in the country hedgerows, you can be supping your homemade champagne as early as the middle of May! The […]

Woody Allen coming to a garden near you this Spring?

Well OK, not exactly Woody Allen but his character Z from the movie Antz is just one of many little visitors to your garden this spring. Who would have thought a storyline about an army of ants could become a film sensation? And yet that’s exactly what happened in 1998 when DreamWorks Animation created Antz. […]