Bokashi FAQs

Does the anaerobic digestion of the food waste in the Bokashi composter produce methane?

There are no exact statistics on methane production, but because the Bokashi kitchen composter works in a different way to standard compost bins the temperature reached in the composting process is considerably less – 40ºC as opposed to 70ºC. This makes the methane emissions virtually negligible.

Where can I buy more bran?

Call 0800 731 2572 or order via our online shop above.

Why do the instructions for use say “No teabags should go into the Bokashi kitchen composter”?

This is a precautionary message because too many teabags will upset the mix of material. A maximum of five squeezed out teabags a day can be put into the Bokashi kitchen composter; however, it would be better to put them directly into your garden compost bin.

Can I put loo roll/kitchen paper cardboard cores and used kitchen towel in my Bokashi composter?

Yes you can.

Can the Bokashi composter cope with large bones?

It is recommended to chop bones into smaller pieces first.

Can I put the Bokashi composter outside to digest?

The Bokashi kitchen composter can be placed outdoors. However, in colder conditions the fermentation process slows down, so it should be left to digest for an extra week (ie three weeks instead of two).

The contents of my Bokashi composter smell bad; what should I do?

Check that the lid is closed properly. Use the tap to drain the liquid more frequently. Check that the tap is not dripping. Check that the inner drain tray is still in place, as it can fall out during emptying. Alternatively it could be that not enough Bokashi bran has been added.

The contents of my Bokashi composter are mouldy; what should I do?

If the mould is white then the material is fermenting correctly and you should continue to use the bin in the normal way. If the mould is green then the material has failed to ferment and you should empty the bin into a black sack and put it out for rubbish collection. If your bin is taking some time to fill and green mould is starting to grow, don’t wait until it is full but put the lid on straight away and set it aside to digest for two weeks before emptying it.

After two weeks the contents of my Bokashi composter look nearly unchanged, like it hasn't digested properly; is that normal?

Yes, but it does not mean that the digestion process has not begun. Despite the fact that it takes much longer for the food waste to completely rot down, two weeks are sufficient for the friendly bacteria in the bran to start the digestion process.

Can the Bokashi composter contents be added to a wormery?

Yes it can. Other users have said that when they add the material to their wormery, the worms do migrate to it. However on their first attempt the worms were not keen, possibly because the material was too acidic. The solution was to add lime to the material before giving it to the worms.

How long does a bag of bran last?

One bag of 1Kg lasts up to 2 months.

How should I store the bran?

The bran is packaged suitably for storing in dry conditions at room temperature (not in extreme conditions of cold or too hot). If you prefer you could transfer the bran into an airtight plastic container.

How quickly does the bran go off?

Currently there is no production date stated on the packaging. The bran has a shelf life of at least six months. The bran is prepared to order and never sits in the suppliers’ warehouse for longer than four weeks. There have never been any reports of deterioration of stock stored in appropriate conditions beyond this time frame..

Is the bran certified 'organic'?

No, it is not. However, the Bokashi kitchen composter is being sold by many organic retailers.

How is the bran produced?

The bran is a dry mixture of bran and molasses that has been inoculated with effective microorganisms (EM) a carefully controlled mixture of microscopic bacteria, yeasts and fungi that work together to speed up composting, suppress pathogens, prevent putrefaction and eliminate foul odours.

If your question is not covered in this section, please contact our customer help line on 0800 731 2572 (UK only)