Food waste digesters

Local Authorities

Green Cone and Green Johanna remove ALL food waste produced by a typical UK household.

On average, each home produces some 0.2 tonne of food waste each year, representing 20% by weight of the municipal household waste put out for collection. Green Cone and Green Johanna are the only products on the market that remove ALL uncooked and cooked household food waste from the waste stream at source.

By dealing with food waste at source means that the Green Cone and Green Johanna are the only solutions to fully meet the EU Proximity Principle.

Collection and disposal costs per household will be significantly reduced.

By removing a significant proportion of household food waste at source, Green Cone and Green Johanna assist local authorities develop waste management strategies that comply with legislation and government targets.

Green Cone and Green Johanna reduce the financial impact of LATS.

Green Cone and Green Johanna facilitate fortnightly household waste collections by requiring fewer collections, which in turn reduce vehicle running costs, accidents and pollution.

Green Cone is user friendly, requires no maintenance and is guaranteed for 10 years. Green Johanna is guaranteed for 5 years.

The removal of all putrescible waste means cleaner dustbins for householders and facilitates the recycling of other domestic waste streams such as plastic and paper packaging, cans and bottles.