Green Cone


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You must assemble your Green Cone before installation

To assemble your Green Cone, you will need these tools

screw driver
philips screwdriver

Philips screwdriver
Flathead screwdriver

Contents of the Green Cone fixing kit

x 1
x 1
x 1
x 2
x 2
x 9

The 6 easy steps to assemble your Green Cone 

Step 1

Place the ribbed side of the hinge on the inside of the lid. Screw the hinge onto the lid through the pre-drilled holes using the two male and female studs.

Do not over tighten the studs as you could crack the lid.

Step 2

The bar across the opening of the green cone should be removed to allow large food scraps to be empied into the cone.

The crossbar can be removed with a small hacksaw or cutters. (See Frequently Asked Questions)

Step 3

Attach the twistlock to the outer Green Cone through the two pre-drilled holes using the two 8x5/8 screws.

Step 4

Place the lid on top of the Green outer cone, Part screw the hinge to the Green outer cone using the three 10x5/8 self tapping screws. When using these screws pre-drilled holes are not required.

Place the black three holed backplate in place while you tighten the three screws from the outside of the cone.

Step 5

Place the black inner cone on top of the basket.

Step 6

Place the green outer cone over the black inner, line up the holes on the green outer with the "u" shaped slots on the black inner then screw together with the 6 remaining 10x5/8 screws.