Green Johanna


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You must assemble your Green Johanna before installation

To assemble your Green Johanna, you will need these

philips screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver

Base Unit
Ring 1
Ring 2
Ring 3
Ring 4

Step 1

Place the base of the Johanna on a flat solid surface.

Step 2

Place "Ring 1" (with door openings) over the base unit and screw together.

Step 3

When fitting the rest of the rings together you must line up the "line marks" on the outside of the rings or the screw holes will not line up.

Step 4

Place "Ring 2" over ring 1 and screw together.

Step 5

Add all the rings as above until complete and screw together.

Slide in the doors and screw down tight and add the lid.

Step 6

Your Johanna is now ready for use.

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