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Clean Your Rubbish!

Is that even possible? Surely, it is rubbish in the first place because we threw it out of our clean house for the dirty and smelly tip? Not exactly, we are talking about cleaning household waste that is heading for recycling. For example, cleaning the bin usually...

A Crave for Leftovers

At some point in our lives, we have all eaten the leftover piece of pizza the next morning. Admit it, the curry leftovers even tasted better the next day too. It could sound like just a humorous topic, but leftovers and what we do with our food is serious. If we can...

The Luck of the Draw ‘er

‘Luck of the draw’ is an old English idiom for something one has no control over. You cannot contrive the result if it is truly random. Interestingly all these words can also be associated with a different kind of drawer. It’s that drawer, often in the kitchen or...
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