At some point in our lives, we have all eaten the leftover piece of pizza the next morning. Admit it, the curry leftovers even tasted better the next day too. It could sound like just a humorous topic, but leftovers and what we do with our food is serious. If we can be more mindful of using our leftovers rather than automatically throwing them out, then we will be saving money, reducing food waste from our household, and enjoying it.

Recycle your Leftovers with a New Recipe

We can use leftovers by simply eating them or making new recipes with things that we might otherwise have just thrown out, so we can recycle them successfully. Hot cross buns are still for sale at this time of the year and if we have any at home which have become stale and are looking a little less than fresh, why not make something like a hot cross bread and lemon pudding? Alternatively we could bake an orange and leftover vegetable cake? Leftover roast potatoes can be added to a meat pie or hearty soup. The ideas available are endless and can make for some exciting cooking.

Obviously we want our readers to be careful about what leftovers they use. Generally speaking though, we are a nation of food wasters and it is healthier for our planet and ourselves to think of ways to reduce our household waste and recycle what food we can.