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Fish is not the first thing one tends to think about when collecting household waste and food waste recycling. The idea makes us think that it will stink to such a degree, whilst it continues to decompose, that it is simply not worth it.

However, to recycle fish for compost has been very popular in the past. A farm owned by Stephen Hoyt and Sons in Connecticut apparently used 220,000 fish in one season of compost production. So was there method to recycle thousands of fish waste in this way pure madness? No! They were producing great rich compost that they could sell. This was the simplest and most beneficial way to recycle fish waste from their fish farms.

It’s doubtful that we will ever need to get rid of thousands of fish in our household waste and food waste recycling, so how useful is this fishy tale? Well if you are a fish lover and a keen gardener then I’m sure you will appreciate the moral of the story. Actually adding fish scraps to your food waste recycling by means of a food digester such as the Green Johanna is a great way to bump up the quality of your compost. Many people fear that the awful smell of fish in a compost heap is just too much for the nasal senses. The good news is that if you throw fish scraps in a recycling food digester like the Green Johanna rather than with the household waste that goes in the black wheelie bin, you will be doing yourself a big favour. The food digester can recycle and decompose the fish scraps without any horrible odour. This has got to be better than the small of fishy stench when you next use your wheelie bin!

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