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The growing food waste is inspiring chefs around the UK to start thinking about the produce they use and more importantly the food that is not getting used and discarded. A third of the food grown never makes it to our kitchen table and one of the reasons is because of our food regulations and laws. Obviously we need laws to protect our health and well-being but when did that ever justify throwing a whole box of apples in the land fill because one of them happens to be mouldy. An approximate figure of 1.3 billion perfectly good food products are being discarded in landfills due to reasons as simple as this.

These figures have been the incentive that has driven chefs and food lovers to re-think how and where they are getting their food products. When you look at the big picture, the energy, the land and the resources that are all being wasted in producing food that never makes it to the table, it is no surprise they are fighting back with alternative thinking.

So how much does Gourmet Food Waste Cost?

Chefs across Britain have started turning food waste into a tasty dish fit for the restaurant table with a ‘pay as you feel’ price tag.

With thousands of tonnes which is equivalent to 25% of our fruit and veg going to landfills every year, this information will certainly help boost the way we look at our own food and household waste…will we be willing to use our intuitive senses to tell us when food is off, or will we still throw a jar of preserve out when we have noticed the use by date was yesterday?

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