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If you have never visited a landfill (not many school trips and tour buses head that way) maybe you are a little intrigued with how our house hold waste is disposed. It may not sound very technical, a big hole in the ground, throw the rubbish in and cover over. Yet the process of burying our garden and house hold waste in landfills actually takes a bit of skill. The ground and area has to be carefully managed so that no water source can be contaminated. Moisture and water from rain fall also needs to be carefully managed. The rubbish is not like a compost heap in the garden that is able to quickly break down your food waste recycling into fine compost. The process takes years to break down.

Since the amount of rubbish in landfills has doubled in 50 years, it is no wonder we are being asked to recycle, recycle, and recycle. Granted, not everyone is a keen gardener and desperate to put their wellies on to turn the compost heap over. Food waste recycling has been made easy for us though with innovative ways to recycle. Food digesters are the new way forward for easy food waste recycling. Some are designed to produce compost and other digesters are designed not to. Either way they do not need maintenance and can pretty much be left to it. The great news is they are odour free too. Whether you have a big garden, or small back yard, you can help reduce the rubbish that heads for the landfill.

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