Britain has a long relationship with farming and keeping poultry. Did you ever wonder what happens to the waste by-product of poultry farming? That is to say, what happens to all the fluffy feathers? With eight billion chickens farmed and processed the waste product of feathers amounts to about 2 billion feathers or more. The poultry industry is very interested in reducing their household waste and recycling the feathers for other things. Like what? The clever structure of the feathers means that they are durable, robust and fibrous and therefore could be used to replace other expensive fibrous materials. Insulation, clothing and even diapers could use this waste product from the poultry industry. The more industries that get creative and investigate new ideas the more likely we are to reduce our waste going to landfills.

Pillow Talk in the Backyard

Feathers are actually great for the compost heap. In fact if you have old pillows and duvets that need replacing don’t throw them in the household waste but use these valuable feathers for the garden compost and reduce the household waste going to landfills.

Green Johanna

The Green Johanna

If you keep your own chickens, how about recycling the poop? It is nutrient rich and high in nitrogen and your veg garden will love you for it. You can put it straight on your soil after leaving it to age a little or put it in with your household waste that is going in the Green Johanna. You can even make chicken manure ‘tea’ but not for your consumption, only the garden’s. Did that need explaining?

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