The famous green wheelie bin has been yet again the focus of newspaper reports. One example was an article in the BBC news about Cardiff Council sending out large green wheelie bins to encourage the residents in the area to recycle garden and food waste recycling. A staggering £1.6 million being spent in the process.

How did people respond to being sent a green wheelie bin? Not very well it seems, with many being returned to the council by way of protest. So what was the problem? Are people really so averse to the encouragement to recycle their garden and household waste?

The complaints were not actually about the idea of recycling but it was the size of the wheelie bin which was the problem. Another huge bin to join the line of household waste bins. People living in flats had also been sent the wheelie bin without anywhere to store it.

Recycle your household waste

How a Green Johanna works

Small food digesters are a great way to start as it helps reduce the collection and removal costs of your household waste dramatically. We work closely with local authorities to ensure food waste recycling from a household can be done at home, and much more discreet than a wheelie bin. To find out more about the Green Cone and Green Johanna visit the rest of our website to see how food waste recycling can be done without ruining the look of your garden or home.

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