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Our first love for the March Hare and its beguiling character was probably brought to life with the help of the much loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. The March Hare certainly is a phrase that has been used often in the English language to describe wild or excitable traits in a person with at the same time an undertone of warmth and even a little admiration. For some people it is a moment of personal achievement when they are described as such.

Truly Mad or Truly Genius

So the March Hare has gained its reputation because it’s the end of the mating season and the poor males are now worn out from love trysts and rebuffs…but is that all we can learn from this beloved British animal? Actually the hare is pretty smart especially when it comes to reducing their household waste. Hares have a chambered stomach and perform something called cecotrophy. This sounds pretty technical and in fact it is. This is the process of re-ingesting their faeces, basically recycling it. We may squirm at the thought but this method is a clever design to recycling protein and minerals back into the body. Interestingly its humans who seem to be taking note of such wisdom in nature. On a yearly basis a human produces roughly 500 litres of urine and 50 litres of faeces. If utilised this would contain enough nutrients to grow and sustain most plants that a human needs for food. The March Hare and its recycling methods certainly give us food for thought when it comes to our recycling habits. This makes us realise how easy reducing our household waste is when we use a composter. Nature is so good at recycling; we just need to make sure we are good.

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