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Be like a tree and start recycling waste

Autumn Colour is Good for your Health

Surveys suggest that the majority of people viewing autumn colours feel that their mood changes for the better. We cannot imagine anyone viewing the natural golds, crimsons, oranges and purples that the various tree species produce in the autumn would ever come away not feeling refreshed and uplifted. The colours are incredible but it’s not just the colours that inspire us but the intriguing recycling system that is going on behind the scenes that creates such spectacular beauty. Leaves contain green chlorophyll. This chlorophyll recycles the energy from the sun’s rays and along with water and CO2, creates vital sugars. This is the process for converting sunlight into plant food. When winter arrives the tree stops making food and the chlorophyll breaks down. Coloured chemicals such as carotene, anthocyanins and tannins then dominate the leaves producing the radiant colours we see as a by-product. 

What do the Trees Teach us about recycling waste

Be like a tree and start recycling our waste

There is so much to learn from the way that nature is designed to manage its own household waste recycling. The tree never wastes food but stores it up and uses it in the winter. What about recycling our waste including our food, do we try to make sure we use up all the food we buy or do we throw it away? Do we try and recycle fruit from the garden by making things such as jams that can be preserved and eaten throughout the year? Can we turn dead leaves and fruit peel into food waste recycling by having a food waste digester?

Corals a master of recycling

Corals Covering our Crimes

We pollute the sea with our manmade sunken vessels, weapons of warfare and general junk. How is nature recycling and dealing with our bad habits? In some places of the ocean these dumped vehicles have been turned into an underwater paradise thanks to coral reefs that are attaching themselves to our junk. This is no excuse for our bad waste habits but it is humbling to see nature’s design and intelligence. Corals attach themselves to new forms in the sea and multiply creating bursts of colour and beauty.

A Masterclass in Recycling

The coral is not only beautiful but is a master of recycling. Corals need nitrogen, but too much of it and it can be dangerous, so what do the corals do with the waste product nitrogen? Studies taking place right now suggest that they are recycling this waste product over and over by the organisms making up the reef. Reef sponges are also recycling the food received from corals and they recycle their waste back to the reef.

Reduce your household waste with a master of recycling Green Cone

Master of recycling Green Cone

We might not have the natural instincts of a coral to recycle but we do have access to great tools to help us become better at waste recycling. For example you can dramatically reduce your household waste with food waste recycling digesters such as the Green Cone. It is simple to install, use, and maintain.

Food waste recycling

Pumpkin: Fruit or Vegetable?

Did you answer vegetable? If you did, you are not alone; many of us would have been there with you on that one. However, we would have all been wrong! According to the botanical definition a pumpkin is actually a fruit. How so? It is quite technical but simply put it is considered a fruit because it is from a plant and has seeds.

Recycle the Seed for Plenty of Pumpkin Pie

The fact that a pumpkin is either classed as a vegetable of a fruit might seem like an unimportant detail and yet it is good news for gardeners and those that are interested in food waste recycling. Pumpkin seeds can be recycled by drying them out and planting them for a crop of your own.

Food waste recycling using a Green Johanna

Food waste recycling using a Green Johanna

Pumpkins are top of many shopping lists at this time of year, not to be eaten but carved out and thrown out afterwards. To reduce your household waste and food waste why not recycle your pumpkins seeds. Use any carved out pumpkin to make delicious pie or soup. Throw your pumpkin peel into your Green Johanna (a food digester designed for easy household and food waste recycling) for great compost in the garden.

Why Food Waste Digesters?

Save space in your wheelie bin, don’t put waste food in it. Use a Greencone which reduces food waste to water and CO2 or a Green Johanna which produces compost.

Food Waste Digesters?