Is that even possible? Surely, it is rubbish in the first place because we threw it out of our clean house for the dirty and smelly tip? Not exactly, we are talking about cleaning household waste that is heading for recycling. For example, cleaning the bin usually provided by the local council to collect your baked bean tins, without some baked beans still in them! It is a challenge to recycle green and clean, with authorities claiming that house holders are not doing enough to keep the bin itself and the waste clean. Although some residents seem to have ruffled feathers due to the threat of a bin removal if standards don’t improve, is it not a reasonable request to keep things clean? If your bin is clean it is less likely to smell and attract unwanted vermin.

Clean Your Rubbish – No Need to Fall Foul with This Bin!

How a Green Johanna works

There is one bin in your back garden with a difference. The great thing about the Green Cone and Green Joanna is that you will never be accused of not cleaning your household waste before you pop it in this special bin! As long as you stick to the appropriate food waste that you can recycle in them, there is no pre-washing or foul smelling juices as a result and no need to clean more than once a year! Perfect!