The British are renowned for their love of tea. According to the Telegraph each Brit drinks an average of 876 cups of tea every year. It feels like tea is intrinsically linked to every aspect of our culture.

Yet when did tea really become part of our culture? Was it really tea that touched our lips first or another beverage? More than ever today we feel we recycle ideas and things come into fashion and out of fashion. Interestingly coffee seems to be growing in popularity and yet it has enjoyed this popularity before. In fact it was coffee that the Brits first enjoyed and it was coffee houses in London that started to introduce tea only in the mid 1700’s. From then onwards tea took over Britain and even influenced our culture. Throughout the years we have recycled tea and come up with things such as Tea Gardens, Tea Shops and Tea Dances and developed a strong love for Tea Cups.

A Storm in a Tea Cup

So are our coffee drinkers actually more British than the average tea drinker? Will coffee re-surface as the British preference? Who knows and it is a brave man who dares to take on this debate.

Reducing your household waste


The good news is that whether you prefer tea or coffee it doesn’t matter when it comes to reducing your household waste. All can recycle the remnants of our tea or coffee along with our food waste recycling. With our fair share of cold wet weather we get through a considerable amount of tea leaves and coffee granules, so let’s not forget to recycle them in your garden with the help of your food waste digester.

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