Food waste recycling

Pumpkin: Fruit or Vegetable?

Did you answer vegetable? If you did, you are not alone; many of us would have been there with you on that one. However, we would have all been wrong! According to the botanical definition a pumpkin is actually a fruit. How so? It is quite technical but simply put it is considered a fruit because it is from a plant and has seeds.

Recycle the Seed for Plenty of Pumpkin Pie

The fact that a pumpkin is either classed as a vegetable of a fruit might seem like an unimportant detail and yet it is good news for gardeners and those that are interested in food waste recycling. Pumpkin seeds can be recycled by drying them out and planting them for a crop of your own.

Food waste recycling using a Green Johanna

Food waste recycling using a Green Johanna

Pumpkins are top of many shopping lists at this time of year, not to be eaten but carved out and thrown out afterwards. To reduce your household waste and food waste why not recycle your pumpkins seeds. Use any carved out pumpkin to make delicious pie or soup. Throw your pumpkin peel into your Green Johanna (a food digester designed for easy household and food waste recycling) for great compost in the garden.