Gardening the Groans away

All of us, at some point in our life, are expected to have to deal with a bout of depression, illness or trauma. Numerous studies have found however that nature, most likely found in our immediate surroundings such as the garden, can have tremendous positive effects on our thinking, well-being and road to recovery from illness and mental health. So much so that even the process of writing about the natural history around us is becoming a popular way of escaping from the harsh realities of life. It is no wonder we love to garden!

Is the Garden Groaning at Us?

However, one ecologist wrote, even back in the 1800’s, something along the lines of ‘wherever man plants his foot, the harmonies of nature are turned to discords.’ Is this really true? Unfortunately on a world wide scale the answer is yes, but what about on a personal level? Our garden gives us so much back when we take the time to be in it and cultivate it. Even the soil has healthy bacteria for our benefit.

How to give back to our Garden

Do we recycle our household food waste? If we use a smart food waste digester then we can produce fine soil for the garden to recycle again. If we recycle household waste we are reducing our individual waste that would go to the landfill. We need to stop feeding the earth our household waste in landfills and the earth will keep feeding and healing us

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