A couple of weeks ago I assembled a Green Johanna in the small courtyard of Lily’s, a social enterprise charity in Canterbury. This will replace the food waste bin that Veolia charge nearly £500 a year to empty. It allows Zoe Mcnulty Rodda and her team to turn their leftover food (20kg a week) and carbon-rich materials like their egg cartons into organic homemade compost.

Zoe commented:

I believe Lily’s is the first on-site composting eatery in Canterbury. Don’t forget to mention that you are an ‘eco Cop’ if you pop in and ask how the Green Johanna is going. You are also most welcome to take home their free used coffee grounds for your garden. Sounds like a ‘win-win’ to me!

Both owners of Lily's Bistro
A black two wheeled bin
Where the Green Johanna will be placed
An assembled Green Johanna
A sign outside Lily's
Assembing the Green Johanna
A Green Johanna next to a two wheeled bin