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“I recently ordered a Green Johanna after hearing about how good they are on a Permaculture course. The product came from Great Green Systems Limited. I was totally and pleasantly surprised by the speed at which the order was processed and delivered after my initial order, as I received it in a matter of days. The delivery driver had to ring me for directions and was very polite; I live in a remote location and he was in fact only a mile away when he rang.

The product itself exceeded my expectations. It arrives in sections which are screwed together. It is sturdy and of a very good size. It needs to be put together outside as you’ll find it won’t go through a door if you build it inside! Green Johannas are prized by people in Permaculture circles as they make light work of composting, including bones, and, apparently, dead rodents! Their design means they are virtually rodent proof themselves, hence why you can put bones in them. The combination of heat generated and worms,which naturally climb up into the composter, produce lovely compost in a matter of months. I can’t wait to order a second one.”

Helen D.

The Green Johanna

Green Johanna