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If you are suffering from symptoms such as growing 6 legs, a very hairy body and a big black head then don’t worry you are probably just morphing into a May bug!

Yes it’s that time of year again when the May bugs are out with their crafty night time leaf eating and scaring the living daylights out of people, launching themselves into windows being attracted by the artificial light coming from our homes.

What about getting busy with another May time ‘bug’? Be a ‘Recycle May Bug’ this Month.

There are no excuses not to recycle now we are well into May, heading for summer.
Our household waste and food waste recycling needs to be collected and popped into the Green Johanna. Whether we are working or picnicking in the garden, food waste recycling must not be forgotten. Making more salads and cupcakes, throw your household waste into your green friend Johanna.

Recycle May Bug Disclaimer: To have the recycle ‘bug’ is in no way harmful, just ever present in our mind when it comes to household waste. Food waste recycling may sadly include a few May Bugs themselves after coming to a swift end hitting your window; let’s just say your Green Johanna will no doubt be very glad of the extra protein!

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