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March – Time for Snow?

What can be done this month to help reduce our household waste when the snow comes? Firstly we can always throw our heating bills in the food digester, after we have paid them, of course! The snow might mean we have been confined to the indoors more than usual which is normally followed by more snacking and drinking cups of hot coffee or tea. The food digester will love you for saving it a bit of caffeine and tea leaves to munch on, after all if you have not bothered with the Green Johanna’s coat this mild winter it might now be feeling the cold too. Let’s also admit that if we are the type addicted to making cupcakes, this is the most appealing time to do it. Any leftovers (a ridiculous statement?) or paper cup cases will be greatly received by your hungry food digester while at the same time reducing your household waste.

A Cool Idea

Collect and recycle some of that melting snow to use in the garden too. With our ever changing weather we could be in for a heatwave next week…well there is no harm in wishful thinking is there? If you are the adventurous type you can even melt snow and boil it and recycle it for drinking water.

Make haste…you may only have a few days left to do this before summer is here!

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