The Harlequins Heist

Do your Ladybirds have black or red wings? Do they have black or red spots? This might sound all very trivial and unimportant but this subtle difference should be of interest. Our lovely ladybird and its environment are under threat of a Harlequin heist. So who is the infamous Harlequin and why should we care?

The Harlequin ladybird looks like our native ladybird but it has black wings and red spots instead of the other way round. They came from the far east, first spotted about a decade ago and have been on the rise ever since. Homes have had the ladybirds heist their home with up to 500 in a swarm. Ecologically they are causing alarm because they are predatory insects and threaten the native ladybird by eating the larvae. Our native ladybird is a helpful pest controller but the right balance is being upset due to the presence of the Harlequin ladybird.

Harlequin ladybird can we do anything about them?

Apparently not if we do not want to harm our native ladybird! Unfortunately they have a taste for soft fruits too so you may likely spot them munching berries. So often is the case with ecological issues we feel like we cannot resolve them, but look a little bit deeper and you will find things to do. So what are the ways to reduce household waste? We can think of ways to help our environment such as household waste recycling and food waste recycling.

Ways to reduce household waste

How a Green Johanna works

We can identify ways to reduce the amount going to landfills etc. Not only do Great Green Systems provide innovative recycling products such as their food waste digesters but they have plenty of tips on how to reduce your waste with household waste recycling ideas. Check previous blogs for more information.