A greener world has always been close to the heart of the Prince of Wales, so it comes as no surprise that on receiving the news about becoming a grandparent he was already thinking how environmental issues would affect his grandchildren and how he could make a difference.

As a grandparent this could be a thought that has sprung to your mind and is close to your heart. We might not be a Prince that has weight in the wide spectrum of things but as a grandparent you are a powerful influence and can affect your immediate grandchildren and how they view issues such as managing household waste.

As babies turn into inquisitive children, they have questions and are ready to absorb their environment. The issue of how we recycle and what we should recycle does not have to be boring. We can be creative and make games that shed light on the issues of how we recycle our household waste.

If you have a garden, why not create a special recycling project? The garden is an adventurous place full of interesting things you can share with your grandchildren. You can use the animals and plants to show how nature does its food waste recycling and how we try to copy it with our food waste recycling digesters that turn our household waste into lots of compost for the garden.

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