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Eating lettuce is over three times worse in causing greenhouse emissions than eating bacon so claims one recent study.

For those who love a bacon butty this could be great news, for those of you who are vegetarians this may not be the best news you have heard this week. For those of you who love a good old BLT sandwich, then we are not sure what to say anymore!

The claim comes from the research by a group of scientists from Carnegie Mellon University. Apparently the results are due to the fact that they did not only study the amount of calories consumed, but also the amount of food waste production throughout the logistics chain. For example fruits and vegetables have the risk of spoiling and becoming food waste whilst waiting to be transported or during transportation. Animals of course are different. When they are slaughtered they are frozen straight away before being moved to the stores.

Lettuce becomes food waste at a faster rate than meat and for the equivalent calories you have to eat a lot more lettuce than a piece of meat. Although this is an interesting study and somewhat confusing, the real message is not to create unnecessary food waste and be recycling conscious.

We will let you be the judge of whether a BLT can remain on the menu.

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