Looking after your Green Johanna

It is not just you that is feeling the heat this month! After having bad weather for a few months, it feels like Johanna has not long taken off her winter jacket and this week, she almost requested a pair of shades! For as much as the British weather keeps us amused so does the garden and the things that happen in it. The opening of flowers, the humming of new birds and the arrival of new buds…and dare we say it… weeds (but they are recyclable so no worries!)

Good weather means we can be in the garden more, but don’t forget your Green Johanna will need a little attention too. If you have had your food digester, such as the Green Cone, for over 12 months this is a good time to empty it out. Same for the Green Johanna, your household waste will have turned into glorious compost for the garden. Now will be a time to relocate the Green Johanna if you have found a shadier spot for her.

Never heard of the Green Johanna?

She is perfect for the garden or yard. She will munch all your weeds and many items from your food waste and household waste and recycle it into beautiful compost. You might be surprised what you can recycle with her from your food waste…items such as bones, fish and cooked food can be thrown in the Green Johanna. If you are not one in need of compost but want to recycle your food waste easily to reduce your daily household waste, why not try the odourless Green Cone as mentioned above. Stress free recycling solutions right here!

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