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Are You a Leaf Peeper?

Are you guilty of this? Does the autumn bring the leaf peeper out of you? Many of us that love the outdoors and are avid gardeners are most likely to be a leaf peeper. So what exactly is a leaf peeper? It is the name given to people who chase the fall in the best places, particularly in New England. We may not have quite the same reputation for the fall colour as New England but we certainly have some beautiful colours worthy of admiration. Here are five places we recommend;

* Westonbirt, Gloustershire
* Batsford Arboretum
* Burnham Beeches, Buckhinghamshire
* Stourhead, Wiltshire
* Castell Coch, Wales

When they actually fall, recycle leaves!

Maybe you have certain species of trees that as the weather changes you have been able to watch the beauty of the leaves change colour. At some point those beautiful leaves literally fall. So how can you recycle leaves, reducing your household waste, when the time comes? Here are four ways you can recycle leaves;

* Insect habitats form when leaves are raked together in the corner of your garden
* Add to your food waste digester to get good quality compost
* If you have poultry they will love you for supplying them with piles of leaves to scratch around. After the leaves have decomposed with some help from your chickens you can have extra compost for the garden
* Mow over your leaves with a mower to get good mulch for your flower beds

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