Print a Cleaner World with 3D Printing

3D technology has quickly developed in the last decade which is great news for us. Did you know that 3D printers can help us reduce our household waste and the sickening amount of plastic rubbish that is strewn across our earth?

3D printers and 3D re-printers are being designed to specifically recycle plastic bottles and convert the recycled plastic into a material that can be used for 3D printing. This means we can start taking used plastic and recycling it into useful products again. With about 5 trillion or more plastic items floating in our oceans, this is very exciting news!

New Ideas are Floating Around

This news has already inspired many to think about how they can use 3D printing to help reduce our worldwide problem of household waste. 3D items have been printed from recycled plastic such as sunglasses and even a bikini that cleans the sea as you swim!

Two people who have really shown commitment to recycling our plastic waste are Project Seafood Founders, Fabian Wyss and Jennifer Gadient. These two artists, coupled with great motivation, have set themselves up with a mobile van that houses a plastic shredder and a smart 3D printer. Their journey has taken them all over Europe to visit beaches, collect the plastic waste, shred it and design the template for their 3D printer to produce amazing items and art pieces.

Recycling household waste

What does this mean for our own household waste? You may be reading this and thinking that 3D printers sound amazing but are not accessible to the average household right now. Please see the following blog this month to see how you can still make a difference by recycling your household waste using easy methods.

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