Britain is Reducing its Household Waste for a Fiver

How so? The new five pound note has been causing a stir ever since the first ones were printed off in September. Whether you can sell it on and make a windfall profit or whether you can destroy it are ironically the two hot topics attached to the new five pound note. Considering both possibilities it seems incredible anyone would ever opt for the latter theory.

This hysteria has sadly overshadowed the merits of this new five pound note and of those that could follow. Instead of paper the Bank of England opted to make the five pound note with Polymer. The hope is that this new material will help the five pound note endure longer. In turn that would mean fewer five pound notes having to be printed, reducing the energy used to make them and transport them. When finally they do reach the end of their life they can be recycled into making new ones.

Reduce your own Household Waste with the new Five Pound Note

Having a new fiver in your pocket may feel good. However if you take a minute to reflect on the thought and design that has gone into making this note so that it is environmentally friendlier, maybe we can think twice about what will we actually choose to buy with it.

Can we buy products with less packaging to reduce our household waste? Can we remember to take our own ‘bag for life’ to the shops instead of paying for more plastic bags to take home?

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