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Banquet Binned

What did wedding guests think when they heard they had just been served Bridal banquet that was heading for the landfill. It was revealed to this wedding party that the food they had eaten was not food taken from the bin; it was only heading for the bin. Still sounds odd? Would you still want to eat food that was ‘meant for the bin?’ Would you want to bin it instead?

This story was featured on the BBC and highlighted organisations that are intercepting food that would be classed as food waste and be deemed as only fit for the landfill. These creative chefs are motivated to hunt down this food waste recycling and turn it into something very special. Many stores decide they can only sell the ideal looking fruit or veg, this means perfectly edible food is rejected and becomes food waste. The banquet was so tasty that the wedding guest believed that they were fed gourmet food and they were; gourmet food waste recycling at its best!

Motivated to Reduce Household Waste?

True stories such as these help to inspire us to think and behave in a different way. Can we be creative at home and find other ways to recycle our household waste? Can we think about our food waste recycling habits more seriously or just more creatively?

Reduce Household Waste by using a Green Johanna

Green Johanna 320 litre Food Waste Digester

A hot composter, the Green Johanna recycles all kinds of waste food – even cooked food, bones, meat and fish – into natural organic compost.