Secret to a Stunning Strawberry Crop!

One of the keys to growing good strawberries is in the preparation and good soil. The soil should be dug over and weeds removed. Compost and manure should be added. The strawberry plant can then be placed in rows with the crown at soil level, and watered well. Later barley straw can be laid around and underneath the strawberry plants to prevent them from damage.

Reduce your Household Waste and grow Strawberries

When preparing the soil, remove the weeds and recycle them in your Green Johanna. The garden weeds that have gone to seed contain Nitrogen. Recycling using wet straw after the strawberry season is a valuable way to produce heat in your compost and contains carbon. This way you are able to create superb organic compost for your garden for the next season. Composting your garden waste along with your household waste can reduce your waste by 30%. If you have to buy your strawberries this summer then you can still think about ways to recycle and reduce your household waste. If they come in plastic baskets look on the internet for ways to recycle and re-use the baskets. Alternatively, try to look out for the cardboard baskets as an alternative that you can then recycle in the compost.

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