Although we get a little down with warm wet summers, there is something in every garden that just loves this weather. It thrives in the warm moisture and has the upper hand of even the most proficient gardener. What are we talking about? Yes you guessed it – weeds! If you are not careful the lonesome weed will become a mighty army if not kept in check. This month is the time to hoe any weeds that are appearing, it is best to do this on a warm day as you will find removing them easier. It is also time to dead-head pots and baskets. You will notice the hedges are sprouting and reaching for the sunlight so it’s time for clipping and trimming. With some sun you should also be able to enjoy your garden and flowers at their best.

Recycle Weeds with a Green Johanna Composter

Green Johanna 320 litre Food Waste Digester

All of the above mentioned can be recycled and used again in your garden. With the help of a smart composter like the Green Johanna you will be able to turn your weeds into beautiful organic compost for the garden next year and reduce your overall household waste.

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