After the Christmas feast and into the New Year followed by discount puddings and hearty winter food, many are thinking about their waist line. If you want to diet there is no shortage of ‘new’ diet plans. Sadly this is also the time of year when enormous amounts of food are wasted. This means your household waste bin has had its fill over the holidays and winter months. Why not start your household waste bin on a diet. With modern food waste recycling it is quick, easy and convenient.

It is too late for New Year Resolutions but not too late for food waste recycling

We have all at some point resolved at the beginning of the year to go on a diet. The summer months are not that far away and we want the beach body of our youth. That might seem a long way off but you can cheer yourself up with helping to save the planet. Cut household waste by being recycling conscious and using food waste recycling. There are numerous ways to recycle that are environmentally friendly and much easier to stick with than your new year’s resolution diet.

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