Recycling your coffee

We are not really suggesting you have to swap coffee for mushrooms…but what if you could enjoy both? (Not necessarily at the same time!) When recycling your coffee grounds you are making the perfect compost for mushroom growing. How amazing is that? A company was started, called “Back to Roots”, thanks to some coffee and mushroom enthusiasts with a smart mind for business. The founders pioneered the idea of recycling your coffee grounds to grow mushrooms. Apparently coffee grounds contain all the right ingredients perfect for mushroom growing. In ten days, 3lbs of coffee grounds can grow up to a pound and a half of oyster mushrooms with their starter kits. The core of their enterprise is taking another business waste and recycling it to grow food. Pretty smart thinking! Back to Roots takes about 20,000 pounds of used coffee grounds from local coffee shops each week, which also reduces food waste that would normally go straight to landfills.

Think Smart Think Green

Their strong motivation for this project was not just because they loved coffee and had a burning desire to grow mushrooms. It was about thinking how to reduce waste, recycle it, and produce another type of useful food. They wanted to inspire people locally to have similar thought processes and try to emulate the principle of connecting people back to growing their own food.

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