The Composter’s Halloween Plea

Remember, remember on the 1st of November,

Halloween brought fun and mirth,

But don’t let that pumpkin

rot in any old bin

When it could nourish the earth.


Don’t bin that pumpkin –

It’s better to get a Johanna!


Want to know something really scary?

This November an estimated 15 million Halloween pumpkins will end up in landfill in the UK.

The vast majority will not even have been used for food first. 

Don’t let your pumpkin lantern be one of those that contribute to greenhouse gases – compost it and feed the earth instead.

A Halloween treat for the planet

A job for the grown-ups:

To compost your used pumpkin, cut the skin into pieces (the cutters in Halloween lantern carving sets can be useful for this job).

A job for the children:

Add the pieces of pumpkin waste to a composter and stir in well together with woody garden waste, autumn leaves or scrunched paper and torn cardboard.

 Job done – that’s one happy ending for Halloween! 

Going back to nourish the earth
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