Tea Time Confusion

When Brits say ‘are you coming for tea?’ foreign friends are often confused about what this invitation actually means. Is it literally for a cup of tea, or is it a meal? What time do they actually mean, 3 0’clock or after 6 O’clock? It is so confusing. There are even internet forums trying to answer this very question and even the British cannot agree on the answer! This can be very confusing, if not a little awkward at times.

Tea Time is Recycle Time

Whether you are inviting someone for food or just a drink, ‘tea time’ can also be our ‘ recycle time. When you next switch on the kettle to prepare a cup of tea, think about this: if the statistics are correct and each Brit drinks an average of 876 cups of tea every year then that is a lot of tea bags. Whether one tea bag is used per pot or per cup that is still a lot of tea bags going in the household waste.

When you next peel your potatoes, carrots and onion to prepare your other kind of ‘tea’ think about this: An average of about 330kg of food and drink waste is produced each week per household that is thrown away. Could I throw these peelings into a kitchen caddy for the food digester outside as easily as throwing it in the household waste bin? It certainly would make a difference!

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