No we are not talking about the Wimbledon finals…we are actually talking about the British weather! Yes a heat wave has arrived and we love it! When the summer finally comes there is nothing more the British love to do than to try out their barbequing skills. We won’t comment on the quality but can mention the quantity. More food and house hold waste is produced when we entertain our friends and we must not forget food waste recycling during our summer parties.

Ok so we may sound like the party pooper but food waste recycling with the Green Johanna only requires a little effort. She will go hungry if we forget about her whilst we while away the hours and neglect to recycle our house hold waste.
So as we waste no time in turning the heat up on our BBQ’s, waste no opportunity for food waste recycling either. The Green Johanna will be delighted to turn the heat up too, eating and recycling all your summer house hold waste. Actually she isn’t fussy at all, she will recycle whatever the weather.

The lesson: Please remember to recycle during both the winter and summer.