It has to be said that for a hearty classic British desert, the apple crumble is a favourite. It is believed that the first recorded apple pie recipe was written in 1318! Well there are plenty of apples at this time of the year. There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own apples , picking them from the tree and turning them into the tasty sensation that apple crumble (or pie) is! The great thing about making apple crumble is there is nothing wasted. All peelings can be put into your composter with your household waste and food waste recycling. This will recycle your waste into great compost for your gardens fruit and veg. Even if you have to get your apples from the next door neighbour’s garden you can still recycle. Try collecting your household waste and food waste recycling and purchase a Green Cone Waste Digester. This will easily recycle your fruit and veg without producing compost, ideal for those without a garden. Your neighbour may even agree for you to recycle your household waste and food waste recycling in their garden. More compost means more apples after all! Recycle the rewarding way.

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