How easy is the Green Cone System to use?
In your kitchen fill the Green Cone caddy with all your organic kitchen waste. When convenient, empty the caddy into the Green Cone in your garden.
Where should I put the Green Cone itself?
In a sunny, close-to-hand spot like a flowerbed or vegetable plot. Do not put your Green Cone in a cold, dark, wet place as it will not work properly.
Can I use chemical activators as well?
No. Chemicals can kill or disrupt the bacteria breaking down the food waste. If activator is required only use the natural Green Cone accelerator powder.
How much food waste can I put in my Green Cone?
Provided your Green Cone has been correctly installed, three-quarters to one kilogram of food waste can be disposed of in your Green Cone each day. This amount is typical of that produced by a family of four. The precise quantity of waste digested by your Green Cone each day will depend upon the ambient temperature, the population of bacteria and the mix of food waste you produce, where just like us the Green Cone responds to a balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat!
Can I put garden waste in my Green Cone?
It is better not to. A traditional compost bin or heap is better at handling garden waste such as grass cuttings.
Do I have to turn or mix the contents in my Green Cone?
No, just put all your food waste into the Cone and forget it. Your Green Cone does all the hard work for you.
When and how often should I empty my Green Cone?
In a well operating Green Cone the waste residue will only need to be removed every few years and certainly no more than once a year. It requires emptying when the residue builds-up to about 10 cm (4″) below ground level and shows no signs of reducing.
Will my Green Cone work all year round?
Yes. Your Green Cone works 365 days a year. The level of food waste may rise during winter but should drop down when the weather gets warmer. If it slows during very cold periods use the natural Green Cone accelerator powder.
Why is there a bar across the top of the Green Cone?
The bar across the mouth of the Green Cone provides some rigidity in storage and transit. Its original purpose was to prevent small children climbing into the Green Cone. Turning the new catch on the lid now serves the same purpose and the bar may safely be removed using a hacksaw to allow large scraps and carcasses to be put more easily into the Green Cone.
How do I get more accelerator powder?
Additional accelerator powder can be purchased by contacting Great Green Systems Ltd using the free phone number 0800 731 2572.
How do I clean the caddy?
The filter should be removed by snapping off its holder and the caddy hand washed in warm soapy water.
Can my Green Cone stop working?
Problems may occur if the advice on locating your Green Cone given in handbook is not followed, namely:
– It must be in a sunny spot in your garden and not a shady area.
– The surrounding soil must be well drained and not heavy clay or chalk.
– The black basket must not be below the water table or in an area where water gathers.
If these instructions are not followed the digestion process could turn anaerobic (without oxygen) and the food waste will appear wet and slimy. The only solution is to reinstall your Green Cone in accordance with these instructions.
In periods of cold weather the digestion process may slow down due to lack of natural bacteria. This would be evident by the level of waste in the basket not decreasing. Under these circumstances the addition of the natural Green Cone accelerator powder should restore the bacteria population and restart the digestion process.
Will the Green Cone attract flies?
The Green Cone is a sealed unit and when properly installed emits no smells. It does not therefore attract flies. However, the eggs of fruit flies are already in the skins of many fruits and can hatch out in the Green Cone. Similarly, if food or food waste is not kept covered prior to going into the Green Cone, eggs may be laid by a house fly/blue bottle. These would also produce maggots and flies in the Green Cone. Good housekeeping is therefore important. Should flies become a nuisance they can be eradicated by using an air borne fly killer (given the enclosed space inside the Cone a little squirt kills the flies very quickly), which will not kill the bacteria. An organic product called “Flyko – fly and wasp killer” made by Agralan is recommended. Under no circumstances use liquid fly killer inside the cone.
Does the Green Cone attract vermin?
If correctly installed, your Green Cone will not attract vermin. By ensuring that the top of the black basket and the bottom lip of the green outer cone are below ground level any smells will be filtered out by the surrounding soil. It is also important not to spill food near the Green Cone.

If you suffer from rats in your garden, you could be unlucky with a rat run crossing the Green Cone. If you think there is a chance of this happening you should obtain a special “wire wrap” from Great Green Systems Ltd. Or surround the outside of the unit with stones, rocks or bricks.

What is the Green Cone made of?
It is made of a durable plastic that resists attack from the elements including extremes of temperature and is expected to last for around 10 years or more.
Does my Green Cone come with a Warranty?
If your Green Cone is 10 years old or less, Great Green Systems Limited will replace any faulty or missing parts. This excludes ordinary wear and tear and damage caused by misuse or accidents. Individual parts can be purchased if required – please complete our ‘Contact Us’ form, and one of our team will be happy to assist.

If your question is not covered above, please contact our customer help line on 0800 731 2572 (UK only)