Why should you compost organic waste?
A large proportion of garden waste and food scraps collected by local authorities in the UK end up being disposed of in landfill. If you compost you could be helping to reduce the amount of waste buried. Allowing it to break down in a composter is more beneficial to the environment. Landfill can produce far more greenhouse gases when breaking down organic matter than a home composter and you also end up with a usable material to put back in your garden.
Why choose the Green Johanna?
The Green Johanna is a superior composter designed so that the contents are well ventilated, given free drainage and kept in a protected environment during the break down process. Its special conical shape helps prevent waste sticking to the inside leaving space for the air to move around. As long as you follow the simple instructions, you should find the Green Johanna easy to use.
What is the Green Johanna made of?
It is made of a durable plastic that resists attack from the elements including extremes of temperature and is expected to last for around 10 years or more.
Does my Green Johanna come with a Warranty?
If your Green Johanna is 10 years old or less, Great Green Systems Limited will replace any faulty or missing parts. This excludes ordinary wear and tear and damage caused by misuse or accidents. Individual parts can be purchased if required – please complete our ‘Contact Us’ form, and one of our team will be happy to assist.
How do you start?
Since good air circulation is important to ensure efficient operation of your Green Johanna you will need to place inside at the base, branches and twigs in a layer that should be about 20 centimetres (8 inches) deep. After that you add your garden and kitchen waste.
Can I place the Green Johanna in direct sunlight?
No as the contents should not be allowed to get too hot since this can kill off the beneficial microbes breaking down the contents.
How much waste can it take?
It is designed for a household with up to five people together with the compostable waste produced from an average garden. However since this is extremely variable, if you believe you are filling it too quickly it would be recommended to have a second Green Johanna. Remember a garden produces less waste in winter. Some of the material in summer can be kept to layer in with food waste during winter.
What are the dimensions of the Green Johanna?
It is 90cm (36 inches) across at the base, the lid is 52cm (21 inches) wide and its overall height is 95cm (38 inches). It weighs 10 kilos.
Why are there holes in the base?
This allows naturally occurring insects and worms to gain access to aid the breakdown process. It also lets excess moisture out into the ground.
How hot will it get?
When the micro-organisms are actively breaking down waste, energy is released. How warm the compost gets depends on what you have put in together with levels of oxygen and moisture. The micro-organisms work at between 2 and 75 degrees. Different micro-organisms work at different temperatures. The optimum working temperature in the compost bin will be around 45-65 degrees plus.
Do I have to add any chemicals to get started?
No absolutely not! In fact chemicals may upset the natural balance of the system so best avoided.
Can I mix garden waste and kitchen waste?
Yes. It is recommended that you put one part garden waste and two parts kitchen waste in to help balance the carbon and nitrogen levels which will make better compost more quickly.
Can I still use the composter if I only have kitchen waste?
Yes, if you add layers of sawdust (carbon to balance the nitrogen in the food waste).
What can I put in my composter?
From the kitchen: Fruit, vegetables, dairy products, fish, shellfish, meat, bones, coffee grounds with filter, teabags, eggshells, bread, sauce, soup, egg cartons and so on.
From the garden: Grass, leaves, twigs and branches.
What are rich in carbon?
Sawdust, twigs, leaves and paper.
What are rich in nitrogen?
Eggs, fish and meat. Newly cut grass also contains a lot of nitrogen.

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