‘Luck of the draw’ is an old English idiom for something one has no control over. You cannot contrive the result if it is truly random. Interestingly all these words can also be associated with a different kind of drawer. It’s that drawer, often in the kitchen or dining dresser that accumulates things, literally all types of ‘things.’ We usually don’t know what they are, or at least can’t remember what they once were. Screws, letters, wires, buttons, pencils, and whatever else can almost certainly be found here. It’s only when you are not actually searching for that vital screw that they surface to the top of the drawer. Why does this happen? Many of us blame the drawer or other family members for putting random items in the drawer. It’s the one drawer that despite your best efforts, you have no control over.

Time to Recycle the Drawer?

Okay, so don’t get that mad that you want to recycle the drawer itself, the dresser will look awful without it. A spring clean however will at least make you feel you have control over it for several days in a year at least. It will be a little like the idiom luck of the draw. You will find the Guiney Pig’s nail clippers you were looking for before it grew its wolverine claws, and you will find the broken remote part you put there for safe keeping, but you will also find a lot of junk, some of which you can recycle such as paper, bits of wood and bags. Don’t forget that any electronics and batteries you find in the drawer can also be recycled and used again.