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That’s if you live in a small Spanish town called Bunol. Unless you really like the sound of a Tomato throwing festival called La Tomatina, hopefully we are a safe ‘tomatoes throw’ away from this village. Apparently, there are at least 40,000 people who like to throw tomatoes at each other. As a result they get together every year to throw 150,000 tomatoes!

Sounds like a waste of good tomatoes! If you are a gardener you will appreciate tomatoes are not the easiest thing to grow. A fine yield should be treated with care. Tomatoes are great to recycle in more productive ways than thrown at your neighbour’s head. Canned and juiced, peeled and enjoyed raw, tomatoes are really versatile. Remember any food waste recycling from the garden, like over ripe or mouldy fruit and veg, can be put with household waste to be digested. Recycle the bad, enjoy the good.

Food digesters are the most efficient and economical way to dispose of your household waste and food waste recycling. If you want to recycle and have yet to use a food digester find out more from our website.

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