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Turmeric is a hot topic. It’s not just the spice and flavour that gets us talking but the ongoing studies that reveal the amazing health benefits from turmeric. Family to the ginger plant, this native plant from Asia is certainly worth giving it a whirl in the garden. The great thing about the turmeric plant is that you can recycle every part of it. The roots and leaves can both be used in many cooking dishes, beauty treatments and it is a very popular dye. The plant can not only be grown in the garden but in pots in the kitchen which means any one can have a go at growing it.

Why Try Turmeric at Home?

The more we get creative with the natural products available around us the better it is for our health and our household waste recycling situation.

Use natural products to reduce household waste

If we grow more we can use natural products to reduce household waste we produce. When we take the time to grow things ourselves we take pride in the results and work harder to use it wisely and ultimately this effects our food waste recycling too. Being aware of our household recycling and food waste recycling can be fun, educational and has long lasting benefits for ourselves and the world around us. Growing an interesting and exotic plant like turmeric at home is a great example.