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Well OK, not exactly Woody Allen but his character Z from the movie Antz is just one of many little visitors to your garden this spring. Who would have thought a storyline about an army of ants could become a film sensation? And yet that’s exactly what happened in 1998 when DreamWorks Animation created Antz.

What has Antz got to do with the garden and food waste recycling in April? Well, gardeners have to be as busy as ants this month with many things to do…controlling the weeds, pruning trees and feeding plants. Like ants that work together, so can your household. Children can help recycle household waste along with the garden waste. Ants play an important role in aerating the soil and will enjoy extra food waste recycling and household waste to work through.

The film’s star ant called Z is described as a brave, individualistic but meek worker, working for the good of his community. Are we doing our best to be the human Z when it comes to working for the improvement of our community? We can, if we recycle all our household waste by food waste recycling with a Green Johanna. April is a great time to recycle with help from your personal army of Antz

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