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Food Waste Recycling

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Food Waste Recycling Will Save You Money

Consider the cost of 7.2 million tonnes of household waste food and drink produced in the UK every year. Remember this is household waste and does not include the waste from industry. It is thought that almost half of the total food and waste production comes from households. One non-governmental organisation estimates the cost to be £12 billion per year. In economically challenging times think what a difference an additional £12 billion would make to the economy. There is no doubt that poor waste management and absence of food waste recycling is a burden on the economy. Food waste recycling at home will save you money more directly. As your household develops a consciousness to recycle food waste you will become more aware of what you are consuming and what you are wasting. Food waste recycling will drive a more economically informed approach to what you bring into your household for consumption.

The Hidden Costs of Food Waste Collection

Millions of tonnes of food waste need collection and transportation to landfill sites. It is thought the environmental impact of avoidable food waste in the UK is 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This is equivalent to 20% of the car emissions in the UK. A contributing factor to these figures is the logistical management of food waste collection and disposal. In the UK, food waste collection is normally carried out by the local authority. We may think these issues are too big and will never change. But the evidence shows that in the UK there has been a reduction in these figures of 13% over the last 3 years. Food waste collection is only one aspect of the overall challenge but as these figures show, improvements can be made.

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Natural versus Unnatural Waste Food Disposal

A common misconception is that all waste food disposal is natural. This is because food is made from organic material and given time will break down. However the sheer magnitude of food production and subsequent waste food disposal in land fill is not what nature intended. This is a man-made concept that is harming the environment. We can do something about it by using natural recycling at home with the use of a composter and wormery.