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Garden Compost

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Home Treatment of Food Made Simple

For a long time the traditional home treatment of household food waste for most people was a large compost heap at the far end of the garden.

There’s no doubt that this is still a very effective and green way of dealing with organic waste. The problem with this is that it is restricted only to those who are fortunate enough to have a suitably large outdoor area in which to house a compost heap. Another disadvantage is that it is open to rodents, pests and other animals. Great Green Systems has taken the traditional, tried and tested method of home treatment of food waste and improved it.

The basic concept stays the same; meat, vegetable peel, bones, egg shells, garden waste all gets mulched together and with time and the proper environment, you will benefit from nutrient rich garden compost in return.

Home-Made Garden Compost

Great Green Systems’ Green Johanna is the perfect solution to creating convenient, completely free of chemicals, garden compost. The structure is sturdy, keeping the contents protected from outside elements and pests. We have also added an innovative feature of housing a a door at the base of the barrel. This allows you to easily remove matured compost without disturbing the top layer of decomposing matter.

For the colder winter months we also offer a warming winter jacket for your Johanna. This keeps the inside temperature temperate, therefore ensuring the constant production of good bacteria essential for good garden compost.

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Clean, Green Waste Disposal

Over the decades our society has become sloppy about taking responsibility for our own waste disposal. Once it was inside the bin bag not another thought went to where it went to and how it would affect our earth’s environment. Happily, this attitude is changing and individuals are caring more about how waste disposal is carried out and how we can each make an improvement. An essential aspect to this responsible waste disposal initiative is that of good food waste collection. There is no good reason why kitchen scraps and garden waste should end up in a landfill site. These things can be easily and simply recycled into good garden compost which in turn can return the basic nutrients back into our soil. By replacing the collection of household food waste with a simple to use composting system means we can avoid the ridiculous situation of using chemical additives to provide the nourishment our soil needs.

If you would like to know more about our simple, eco-friendly alternative to food waste collection and disposal then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Gloriously Green Garden Compost Bins

Great Green Systems offers two wonderful garden compost bin options; the Green Cone and the Green Johanna. If you’d like to know more about them please be sure to look over their pages on our website.