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The Government of Jersey have teamed up with Great Green Systems to bring you everything you need to turn your kitchen and garden waste into a green, sustainable source of nutrition for your garden. Caring for the environment, made easy & affordable.

“The Government of Jersey wants to help our Islanders to reduce waste. 35% of the contents of an average household bin in Jersey is made up of kitchen waste. As an Island community it is really important to us to provide solutions to tackle our food waste on Island rather than it going to energy recovery. Working with Great Green Systems to offer discounts on the Green Cone and Green Johanna is a brilliant way for people to put their food waste to good use.”

Jane Burns
Sustainability and Climate Change Engagement Manager


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Green Johanna 330 litre Hot Composter

The Green Johanna is a top-performing hot composter that turns food waste – including cooked food, meat, fish and dairy – and garden waste into quality compost within months. Regularly…




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Green Johanna with Insulating Jacket

The combination of a Green Johanna and a Winter Jacket helps to maintain the composting process in low temperatures.




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Green Cone Food Waste Digester

The Green Cone is a solar-powered food waste digester that efficiently disposes of all food waste – including cooked food, meat, fish (even bones) and dairy – with no turning…




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Food Waste Composters

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The Green Johanna Hot Composter
& The Green Cone Food Waste Digester

Turn your food waste—even cooked food, meat, fish and dairy—into food for your garden with our award-winning Green Johanna hot composter and our Green Cone food waste digester.

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