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Reduce the ‘Waste’ in Your Waste Services

Waste need not be wasteful. That may sound puzzling but it is a fact that the majority of the food and drink we throw away as waste need not have been thrown out in the first place. Vast amounts of foods are wasted every year affecting the environment and wasting money. Waste services are burdened with removing tonnes of waste food every year. However, with some forethought we can help reduce the carbon foot print in the UK. For example, it has been reported that each day in the UK we throw away 6 million glasses of milk. We can try and be conscious of only buying the quantity of milk we need for the next few days. Instead of always buying the largest milk container we can consider buying smaller sizes that better match our consumption and need. We can apply this principle to many other food products we are regularly consuming. Some food retailers are using clearer ‘use by’ stickers, so try to remember to read them and use food in time. Small steps like this will help reduce waste in our waste services.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Home Treatment of Food Waste

The last time you were at the supermarket you may have noticed the vast variety of foods and drinks accessible to us in the UK. Many of these foods are imported from all over the world using planes, trains, ships and trucking. Almost any food, in season or out, is accessible to the UK consumer. The carbon footprint associated with our taste for overseas food is considerable. Sadly though, much of what we purchase is never eaten. Amazingly, our carbon footprint only goes in one direction even when we throw this food away. The impact of waste food at landfill sites on the environment continues to increase our carbon footprint. We can help reduce this by better managing waste with home treatment of food waste. Have you ever considered this before? Home treatment of food waste is easier than ever before with simple environmentally friendly products such as those below.

Gardens World Star Buy

Love the Planet with a Garden Compost and Organic Compost

A common feeling amongst astronauts in space looking back at the Earth is how fragile it looks in an endless space of darkness. There is only one planet Earth and we all love it. A garden compost and an organic compost is not space travel or rocket science but that is the point. These are simple low cost methods that each and every one of us can use that will help protect our planet and environment. You don’t need a garden to have either organic compost or garden compost. You just need a small space outside that is easily accessible and you can join thousands of others in doing your part to reduce harmful greenhouse gases and preserve the environment for generations to come.