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  • Kitchen Caddy in use

    7 litre Internal Food Waste Kitchen Caddy

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    The UK’s most-used food waste caddy – supplied by hundreds of local authorities operating food waste collection schemes.

  • 600 Litre Modular Composter

    Graf 600 Litre Eco-King Composter


    This large 600 litre capacity modular composter is quick to assemble and has a bottom flap for easy access to finished compost.

  • Sale! Maze Worm Farm

    Maze Wormery


    This compact wormery by Maze takes up a small space yet makes a big difference to your garden by creating superb worm-made compost. Wormeries are a great way to get youngsters interested in eco-science by showing them that the humble worm is in fact an eco-superhero. Worms available separately.