Spare Parts

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  • Fixing Kit

    Green Cone Fixing Kit


    Component set to ensure long-lasting fixing of Green Cone Lid to the Green Cone Outer

  • Replacement Basket

    Green Cone Replacement Basket


    Manufactured from durable recycled HPPE

  • Replacement Inner

    Green Cone Replacement Inner


    Manufactured from durable recycled HPPE

  • Replacement Lid

    Green Cone Replacement Lid


    Manufactured from prime HDPE

  • Replacement Outer

    Green Cone Replacement Outer


    Manufactured from prime HDPE

  • Aerator Stick

    Green Johanna Aerator Stick


    Manufactured in wood and galvanised steel

  • Fixing Screw Kit

    Green Johanna Fixing Screw Kit


    Pack of 26 B2P screws for fixing Green Johanna and all components

  • Green Johanna Replacement Base

    Green Johanna Replacement Base


    Featuring patented design to optimize airflow through the Green Johanna

  • Replacement Door

    Green Johanna Replacement Door


    Manufactured from durable recycled polypropylene